Sodastream CO2 (Cylinder) Support

Welcome to the Cylinder Support page! This page is filled with information on how to handle and ship SodaStream cylinders.

Emergency Response
1. CARRIERS: CALL CHEMTREC: 1-800-424-9300



REFER TO: Emergency Response Guide 120 pages (Emergency Response Guide 120 page

DOT Special Permit & Handling Information
The go-to-guide to understanding SodaStream’s Special Permit  CLICK HERE

Shipping & Handling
• DOT-SP 20796 (CLICK HERE for PDF)
• Special Permit and Handling Information (Link to training “module”)
• MTB packaging instructions
How to exchange cylinders?
When a customer brings a used cylinders to the store:
- Remove a full cylinder from this box (shrink-wrap around the valve will be intact)
-Replace the used cylinder in the same compartment
-Ring sale for EXCHANGE CYLINDERS (gas contents only)
-When box contains ONLY used cylinders, refer to FLAP B for return instructions.
When this box contains used cylinders ONLY:
-Close Flap A
-Close Flap B
-Close Flap C and tuck in 2 locking tabs
-Close Flap D and tuck in 2 locking tabs
-Ensure that DOT Special Permit Number DOT-SP 20796 is visible
-Follow your internal procedures for return

*Consumer will be second phase

Q-Sodastream has been issued a new special permit (DOT-SP 20796), why is this important to customers and how does it impact the previous special permit (DOT-SP 15634)?
A- SodaStream’s new special permit provides additional relief, easing the regulatory burden along the logistics chain between Sodastream and its distributors, retailers and consumers. While both special permits provide relief from employee training, DOT-SP 20796 authorizes alternative hazard communication (i.e. Class 2 hazard label is not required) and does not require a shipper certification signed by a trained hazmat employee. This additional relief makes it easier and less expensive to ship Sodastream CO2 cylinders.

Q- Why was SodaStream granted a special permit?
A- To obtain DOT-SP 20796 from the U.S. DOT, Sodastream provided ample data about the safety of our cylinders as well as information about the strength of our processes to design, manufacture, fill, inspect and test cylinders used to ship compressed gas.

Through many years of experience safely shipping compressed carbon dioxide (CO2), Sodastream provided sufficient justification and successfully demonstrated that the alternative approach provides the level of safety required by the U.S. department of Transportation.

Q- What cylinders are covered by DOT-SP 20796?
A- The special permit applies only to Sodastream 60L cylinders.

Q- Is DOT-SP 15634 still valid?
A- Yes, DOT-SP 15634 remains in effect. Sodastream’s 130L CO2 cylinders are not covered by DOT-SP 20796 and still must be shipped with a Class 2 hazard labeling and a signed shipping paper in accordance with DOT-SP 15634.

Q- Do I have to ship in the packaging provided by Sodastream?
A- Yes, compliance with the special permit requires that the packaging provided by Sodastream be used. The packaging already has all of the necessary markings needed for compliance. It is important not to obscure or cover any pre-printed hazard communication markings.
Don’t have a pre-printed Sodastream shipping box? (Link to obtain box Q&A)

Q- Do I need a hazmat shipping paper?
A- No, a standard Bill of Lading or Parcel Shipping Label is sufficient provided that it includes the following description: “Carbon dioxide (UN 1013) shipped under DOT-SP 20796 Emergency Contact Number 800-424-9300”.

In most cases Sodastream will provide both pre-printed packaging and shipping document with the appropriate information
Don’t have a pre-printed Sodastream packaging/shipping label? Click here

Q- Do I need a copy of DOT-SP 20796 to ship cylinders?
A- No. You do not need a copy of the special permit to ship Sodastream cylinders.

Q- Do employees that return cylinders need to be HazMat trained and certified?
A- Employees handling Sodastream cylinders are not required to be Hazmat certified. They simply need to follow the shipping and handling instructions provided on this site

Q- What is CO2?
A- Carbon Dioxide (CO2) is a colorless, odorless natural gas. It occurs naturally in Earth's atmosphere as a trace gas. Because carbon dioxide is soluble in water, it occurs naturally in groundwater, rivers and lakes, ice caps, glaciers and seawater. <improve>

Q-Is special storage required?
A- No. Cylinders can be stored in typical warehouse environments

Q- How do I get a pre-printed Sodastream shipping box?
A- Link to form or contact us at 1 800-763-2258.